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Julie Ostrow | Humorous Speaker and Communication Coach

Need a humorous speaker? Contact Julie Ostrow at or (815) 893-9255
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Humorous Speaker~ Communication Coach ~ Author

As a Humorous Speaker and Communication Coach, The Second City-trained Julie Ostrow teaches and shows organizations how to use improv skills and humor to improve creativity, communication, and collaboration within their organizations and with their clients. Improv skills lay the foundation for effective communication and the ability to be truly present with whom we interact. Being truly present and really listening are key to connecting and communicating with team members and clients.

Oh, and being the First-Ever American Laughing Champion, Julie knows a thing or two about laughter!

Effective Communication Leads to Effective Teams

Effective communication and a positive attitude are critical attributes of an effective leader. A positive environment leads to high morale, low turnover, and increased productivity. Learning the art of listening and how to communicate effectively are extremely valuable skills that can be applied to a business setting. Improvisation skills are essential to building effective business relationships— with clients and team members. By applying the rules of improv—Yes, And…; Being in the moment; and Give and Take—you and your team members can ensure that a message is 1.) shared, 2.) heard, and 3.) understood as intended.

This leads to discussion and clarification; opportunities to learn from each other, and ways to build solid connections and to communicate more effectively.