Interactive Presentations

Choose any combination of the descriptions below and I will design a presentation for your group. I can conduct a half-day, full-day session, or 90-minute session. If you would like a different session length, let me know and we can come up with what will work best.

All of my presentations are unique and interactive. And, I aim to infuse fun and light-heartedness into every presentation.

Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate with Improv!

Miscommunication, assumptions, and lack of effective feedback can wreak 

havoc on rapport, collaboration, and productivity in your organization.

Facing and fixing your organization’s communication roadblocks will lead to building rapport, cohesive teams, and success in your business. I use humor, laughter, and improv tools to help break tension and add levity to a situation. Then, once we break down the walls of tension and miscommunication, we can begin to build trust and connection.  The interactive program that I create for you is based on the needs of your organization. I believe that we are all trying our hardest and that most of us want to work effectively as a team. To do that, people need to be able to express themselves in a non-threatening setting. Humor, laughter, and improv allow us to do that.  By sharing challenges and practicing supporting each other in a playful yet effective way, the group can then restructure into a more collaborative organization and move forward in a positive way.

“Think On Your Feet” Public Speaking 

This is for anyone who needs a step up in their public speaking skills. Even if you’re not a professional speaker, these skills are beneficial whether you’re speaking to your company’s board of directors, attending networking events, or presenting at your company’s annual event.
Do your presentations need a little more interaction and ‘oomph’? Do you find yourself worrying about what could go wrong in your presentations?  Have you ever been flustered by the unexpected or floundered when your PowerPoint presentation goes kablooey?
What do you do? Do you run off stage and yell, “I quit!”? No, you wouldn’t do that because you’re a professional.
Whether you’re speaking to your company’s board of directors, attending networking events, or presenting at your company’s annual event, I teach you the art of improvisation and how to apply the rules of improv into your presentations.

Master The Art of Listening
Learn how to use improvisation skills to connect, communicate, collaborate, and truly listen—a key leadership skill for navigating relationships. If you’re not an actor, comedian, or if you’ve never taken an improv class, all the better! Improv skills allow us to be in the present moment to practice reflective listening, while encouraging others to do the same. When we’re listening to each other, we are tuned into each other’s needs and qualifications. Listening as a skill means not having our own agendas to drive conversations that will lead to deeper connections. Join the fun and learn the skills and tools that can be applied to your professional, business, and personal relationships.

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn the fundamental rules of improv and apply them to diverse business settings—internally and externally.
  • Apply reflective listening (also known as “Yes, and”) to eliminate any assumptions.
  • Acquire the art of being in the moment through improv skills.
  • Manage the unexpected in a professional, confident, and helpful manner.

Stressed Out? Play It Out with Improv!

Improv for Stress Management

For team members who are experiencing burn-out, a lack of energy, short fuses, lack of communication, increased sick days, and a litany of other health issues that can appear when stress is not handled properly or diffused in healthy ways. Through this program, participants will experience the overall feel-good results of infusing play, joy, mirth, laughter, and healthy humor into their work days.

In addition, they will learn scientific research behind why living life from a lighter perspective can improve overall health and well-being.

What you’ll learn:

  • Strategies for handling the unexpected—before, during, and after your presentation.
  • Rules and guidelines of improv and how to apply them to any presentation, meeting, or interaction
  • How to tackle your speaking stressors and adapt in the moment. Adapting to the unexpected
  • Helpful techniques for writing your presentation and/or preparing for leading a meeting
  • Tips for including your sense of humor and personal stories into your presentations

The Brainstorming Jumpstart!

Jumpstart your next brainstorming session or strategic planning meeting with improv!

  • Does your team dread “brainstorming” sessions?
  • Are your brainstorming sessions more like idea bashing?

Is it a challenge to get your team members’ ideas flowing…without judgment?
This program uses humor, laughter, and improv to demonstrate how to be open to and support others’ ideas in a fun, playful, and supportive way. Because the main guide post of improv is,“Yes, and…,” every idea is acknowledged, supported, explored, or built upon. Just like in any other brainstorming session, the idea that is offered up is not necessarily the solution. An idea that one person shares becomes a spark that ignites a thought or burst of creativity in another person, and ultimately of the group.


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