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Effective Business Teams: Top 7 ways managers can use humor, laughter, and improv to increase team effectiveness”

Life is Improv! Putting the FUN back in business! Being a part of an organization can be exciting. It’s a place to share ideas, collaborate and feel as though you are making a difference. And, sometimes it can be stressful. Personality conflicts, communication break down and even remote working can contribute to stress in the workplace.

Humor is a powerful tool.
In this book I explain the top seven ways humor, laughter, and improv can help managers build effective teams.


New Release! “Life Is Improv…A little road trip of life’s adventures…”

Has your life gone exactly how you planned it? It’s possible you’ve had some bumps in the road, moments of the unexpected, and maybe some challenges that seemed to last forever. Let’s not forget the adventures that may have seemed scary at first but you embraced them, learned from them, and became stronger. And, you may even have said, “Hey! This is fun and exciting after all!”

In Life is Improv…A little road trip of life’s adventures with humor, laughter, and improv at the wheel, Julie Ostrow shares her anecdotes and her insights for life and how she made improv her passion, purpose, and her profession. She aims to Find The Funny no matter how taxing or daunting an experience may be.

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Julie Ostrow is an author, humorous speaker, communication coach and Founder of Find The Funny Enterprises (2001). Through her interactive presentations, she helps organizations improve communication and collaboration among team members. In her one-on-one public speaking coaching program, she teaches clients how to think on their feet, embrace their mistakes, and connect with their audiences in a real and authentic way.



Do you ever find yourself freaking out and worrying about what could go wrong?

And, I’m talking about in any situation…including (or should I say, “Especially”) when you’re giving a presentation. When we’re giving a presentation, we are making ourselves vulnerable…oooh and that can be super scary! Other adventures and steps we take in life can also be scary. It’s important for our health, well-being, and our success to make sure we don’t let our stress overtake us. We are in the driver’s seat.

Here are five (5) tips that can help you de-stress and focus on a positive experience and positive outcomes!


“The Happiness Recipe” Book

Want more happiness in your life?

“Laugh, Play, Improv & fried chicken – what could be better?? Julie Ostrow joins June and Sandy for a romp through how improv can improve all aspects of life, teamwork and business, plus Julie remembers her  grandma’s great chicken recipe in this episode of Happiness Recipe.”

Click Here for my radio interview on The Happiness Radio Show with June Cline and Sandy Weaver Carman….


The stories of 20 different co-authors offer up recipes for happiness that are fun and insightful. This book is rich with content and context for building a better, happier life.