Stress happens. Happiness can happen, too.

Wow! What weird times we’re experiencing now, don’t you think? (And have been experiencing for most of 2020.) I don’t know about you but I have been enjoying this time of isolation and using it as a time of self reflection.
AND…AND…I have also felt stressed about what is happening, what will happen, all the touches of the unknown.

But, here’s the deal…I find that there are helpful tools that can help us face what is happening, acknowledge what is happening, and step forward in a healthy way.

The challenge can be finding and using the right tools for us. There are a variety of tools and methods to help us manage our stress levels, face a challenge, and learn from them. Tools such as exercising, meditation, phone calls/zoom calls with friends and family, cooking, yoga, hobbies, reading.

One tool that has helped me through the years to face and get through challenging times is humor. Sometimes humor can be used as a defense mechanism. (I get that…that’s what I used to do quite often. And, I now can assess when and how I am actually using humor in that way.) Finding The Funny in a stressful situation can helped us look at a situation in a different light and view the heavy situation from a lighter perspective.

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