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Using Improv in Conflict Resolution

Do you ever struggle with finding the best route to resolve a conflict? We are joined by improv coach, and American Laughing Champion, Julie Ostrow, who will demonstrate how using improvisation skills can be used to resolve conflict at work and at home.

Using Improv to Diffuse Bullying

Is there bullying in your child’s school? We are joined by improv coach, and American Laughing Champion, Julie Ostrow who will demonstrate how using improvisation skills can diffuse bullying in schools.


Laughter in the Workplace

Communication has many components but in our opinion, the best way to communicate is through a good laugh! We are excited to have Laughing Champion Julie Ostrow on today’s show to talk about how laughing can actually be beneficial for the workplace and other areas of life. Places of professionalism don’t always mean serious business, but it actually leaves room for great humor and laughter!

“Live Your Life with Gusto and Enthusiasm” at Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH) Conference 2014


“We thoroughly enjoyed having Julie at our annual APW [Administrative Professionals Week] event this past March. Administrative Professionals can be a pretty serious group of people, especially with the current economic business climate, so it was great to have a stress release with laughter – and lots of it. I received comments from some of the attendees that they found themselves ‘laughing’ during the drive home!”

Andrea Turner
2007 – 2009 President Golden Corridor Chapter, IAAP Golden Corridor Chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals

“I noticed that you really were able to connect with the attendees. In fact you handled a challenging situation very well when one of the participants was disruptive. You were kind, compassionate and professional. You explained how laughter can make things easier in life and really affect one’s feelings and physiology.

Once again, I am grateful that you were able to come and give a wonderful fun experience to my support group.”

Daxa Sanghvi, MSW
Kenenth Young Center
Elk Grove Village, IL

“As a business leader and humanitarian, it never occurred to me that improv could help solve intractable business and societal problems until I met Julie Ostrow. In one half hour she changed the way I communicate with my staff and think about strategic planning to exponentially boost effectiveness. She taught me to apply principles of play from my childhood improv days to engage the full creative prowess and passion of every team member and stakeholder, generating a synergy that has impact far greater than a well intentioned visionary imposing their vision could ever have. She helped me shift from being the visionary, to inspiring the visionary in every one I collaborate with. And she did it using her unique and genius balance of sober self honesty and vulnerability that grounds humor and play in a non shaming way to illuminate new possibility and growth through fun, opening space for everyone’s creativity to work together. Julie, YOU ROCK!”

Sheva Carr
CEO/Executive Director, Fyera! and the Fyera Foundation Sunflower SunPower Kids
Boulder Creek, CA – April 2016

“I recently had the opportunity to attend a professional event and was privileged to experience one of Julie’s workshops.  The experience in my opinion was a “must have” for anyone looking to expand their ability to effectively connect and communicate both with your professional and personal relationships!

Julie does an outstanding job of using humor to uncover the real issues that holds us back in life!  Julie teaches you how to relinquish the control, be still, be a better listener, build each other up, yet most importantly how to turn up the humor!  Her interactive style enabled a group of approximately 40 professional ladies to come together, connect, build trust and therefore open up a dialogue of how we can produce results in our relationships!

We got the message! And it was a fantastic one that inspired and produced confidence!  It’s amazing what laughter can do!  Julie is a “ray of light” that would bring a wonderful experience and message to any corporate or personal event!”

Holly Muth
Financial Advisor, Edward Jones Investments
Roscoe, IL – May 2016


“Just wanted to thank you for the fun night last night [at your workshop]. You had some great tips on how to loosen up on making presentations. We’ll all be starting our talks with “185 baseballs”! It helped me when I finally accepted that I was the expert on my topic. I just needed to tell “them” about it. That was a confidence builder.

You made that group of strangers feel safe enough to stick their necks out.  That’s a real magic trick!  Great job! I think you’re offering valuable techniques!”

Mary Ellen Sherman
Account Executive
MC (McHenry) Magazine<
Shaw Media